Tuesday January 31st & Wednesday February 1st

Due to the winter storm we will not be able to run our usual routes on Tuesday January 31st & Wednesday February 1st.  We are closely monitoring the road conditions and weather forecast and will provide updates on when or if we will be able to complete any of our routes. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding as we try and safely get as many of our customers serviced as we can.

Winter storms

Winter Months are approaching and with them come snow and ice storms. We will keep everyone posted here on our website and on our facebook page. Or you may call 405-527-4284 to hear updates on our Auto Attendant. A representative will not be available for questions regarding winter storm route updates.   

Auto Pay

If you get a new card you will need to update it with us. Even if it is just a new expiration. Your bank might have told you it will update your automatic payments for you. That is only the case for big corporation companies.


Due to route growth please have your containers out by 4am on pick up day. It is best to put it out the day or night before.